Energy Efficiency Assessments (ISO 14001)

ISO 14001 - Environmental Management Standard is the internationally accepted standard that sets out a framework of essential elements for putting an effective Environmental Management System (EMS) in place. The standard is designed to address the delicate balance between maintaining profitability and reducing environmental impact. With the commitment of your entire organization, it can enable you to achieve both objectives. It prescribes controls for those activities that have an effect on the environment. These include the use of natural resources, handling and treatment of waste and energy consumption.

We can undertake an audit of your business practices including:

  • Your waste management procedures
  • Your energy consumption
  • A Display Energy Certificate appraising and benchmarking the structure of your buildings
  • A Thermo graphic survey.

These elements can then be linked to an appraisal of the water system if a water risk assessment and Legionella survey is done.

We will prepare a report and recommendations for your working practice, energy and waste management. If these recommendations are implemented, monitored and recorded this will form the basis of an application to an accredited body like U.K.A.S. for a certificate of registration to ISO 14001.

The benefits to you business should be:

  • Cost savings in energy bills.
  • Cost savings in waste disposal bills.

For the best results we advocate that this energy efficiency audit is undertaken in conjunction with:

  • A thermo graphic survey of the property to fully understand where your building is losing energy
  • A Water Risk assessment and Legionella survey to examine the plumbing, lagging and insulation.

What next?

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