Legionella Risk Assessment Surveys

What you need to know:

  • Legionnaire's disease is a potentially fatal pneumonia contracted when Legionella pneumophila bacteria are inhaled from water droplets.
  • Single cases are rare - outbreaks are more common.

Caused by:

  • Poorly maintained water systems which are exposed to the atmosphere.
  • Water systems incorporating cooling towers and evaporative condensers, where temperatures are warm enough to encourage bacteria growth.
  • Any water system with shower taps.

Hot and cold water systems require testing.


What you need to do:

The Health and Safety Executives Approved Code of Practice - HSG274 requires that owners of all business premises have:

  • A Legionella survey & risk assessment to identify sources of Legionella risk.
  • A written policy and scheme for prevention and control of Legionella risk.
  • A record of regular monitoring.

You must have a policy in place for staff, or the general public, who are in contact with water in your premises, especially if it is in spray form (shower taps).

Taking precautions against the disease is the responsibility of every employer, but compliance with current HSE guidelines is relatively simple.

Risk Assessment and remedial action, including flushing, cleaning and disinfection, can eliminate any identified problem.

What could happen if you don't?

Your failure to have this could result in prosecution by the HSE.

How can we help?

We have vast experience in undertaking risk assessment surveys and abatement work. Our surveyors can:

  • Inspect cold water storage cisterns and water heaters to confirm compliance with water regulations and identify contamination issues.
  • Sample and provide analysis of water for both hot and cold water systems.
  • Advise on the implementation of a scheme of precautions.
  • Implement any remedial action identified by the assessment, including cleaning and disinfection of the hot and cold water system.
  • Provide regular post-assessment monitoring and maintenance.
  • Provide further re-survey risk assessments (at least once every two years)

What next?

As a member of the Legionella Control Associateion it is our duty to provide all clients with a copy of the:
If you require either of the above, please click the email link below to reuqest; an electronic copy will be sent to you by return email.
You can also request a copy by post - please send a self addressed C4 envelope to: Compliance Surveys, 9 College St, Nottingham NG1 5AQ.

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